How to Make Decorative Orbs

Jan 9th

If you are browsing catalogs Home Decorating, you can see the collections of decorative orbs sitting in small cages or baskets out on coffee tables. If you do not want to pay the prices you see in the catalogs, you can make similar orbs to your home.

Decorative Orbs Photos
Decorative Orbs Photos

Instructions to make decorative orbs: cut the sliced ​​wooden branches no thicker than a nickel. Paint your Styrofoam balls dark brown acrylic paint. Use your heat gun to secure each drive in place glue. Let it dry.

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Put a ring of metal studs around half its Styrofoam ball. These pins should have a flat top of shiny metal. His ring should be similar to the equator on a planet. Add rings of metal pins, climbing toward the top and bottom. Put his last two pins on the “north” and “south pole” of the ball.

Paint the Styrofoam ball with acrylic paint in a color to match your theme. Se the hot glue gun to fix half shells on the ball, once the paint has dried. Put the rest of the shells in the other half of the decorative orbs. Then apply a coat of clear lacquer over the whole world, shells and all. Let it dry.