Making Tombstone Decorations for Halloween

Dec 5th

OtherĀ Stone Decor can be exciting and will allow you to show your creativity. The tombstone decorations are the perfect way to decorate your garden to the eve of All Saints to create a spooky and fun atmosphere.

midwest decorative stone
midwest decorative stone

Choose a material for tombstone decorations. Wood is the material stronger and last longer. However, a reciprocating saw is needed to cut the wood and curve the edges. Cut the slab form. The tombstones are about 2 meters wide by 3 meters high. If using wood, watch the jigsaw. Cut the shape, either with a curved top or a flat top with rounded edges.

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Use sandpaper to smooth the edges. Then use gray paint on the grave. When the paint is dry, use a sponge to lightly, and add black paint in very small quantities. You can even use a brush to splash some black spots on the tombstone for a mottled appearance.

Allow the paint to dry again. Use the black writing on the tombstone painting. Turn over the headstone and attach a wooden stake into the bottom so it can be placed on the floor easier. Use wood glue or hot glue to attach. When dry, the stone is ready to reach your destination as a tombstone decorations Halloween yard.